T Shirts, Sweatshirts, Mugs and More

You have to admit ... t-shirts are fun to wear, relatively inexpensive and can be thought provoking. They also can be controversial, or show support for a specific cause or concern.

Merch by Amazon is a way for graphic artists and other creatives to sell t-shirts on the powerful Amazon e-commerce system. And of course if you're in the market for a cool t-shirt, you can now find that on Amazon as well.

Mug I'm Not Lazy

I've added a few designs to Merch and also have lots of t-shirts from other designers available.

In addition, check out my store on Gear Bubble, on SunFrog as well as my Red Bubble store

Why so many places you may ask?

Well, while each site may offer the same things, like t-shirts or mugs, the type/style of shirts vary, plus each site offers slightly different unique items. We're talking t-shirts, tank tops, hoodies, sweatshirts, and other apparel items, as well as items like mugs, greeting cards, stickers and spiral notebooks, draw string bags and tote bags, cellphone and laptop cases, etc..

Below are some recent designs. Check back for new ones as they're added.​

Note: I don't necessarily agree with all the sentiments of each of the shirts below; some have a cool design or are timely with current events, but if you like them or support their cause, concern, etc., click on the image to learn more about the shirt, its cost, etc.


USA in Patriotic Colors (blue) T-shirt

Fun Shirts USA Patriotic Colors (light blue shirt)

Trump Wrong for USA (black) T-shirt

Trump Wrong for USA t-shirt

Gun Control: Being Able to Hit the Target T-shirt

Gun Control: Being Able to Hit the Target T-shirt

Save the Bees T-shirt

Save the Bees T-shirt

Certified Sex Donor T-shirt

Certified Sex Donor T-shirt