Converting Website Leads Earlier and More Often

If you’ve got an online business (any business really), you know the importance of converting leads to your website into paying customers.

You’ve got squeeze pages and freebies, quality content, great information products and a full sales funnel. And you’ve got a well-designed site with SEO friendly, optimized Web pages.

But the bottom line with any Website is getting website visitors to opt-in and then purchase. So how can you make that happen more often?

In an article by David Henzel, VP of Marketing and a partner at NetDNA on Under 30 CEO, the author offers three “tips that marketers can use for their website to make sure that early potential leads convert farther through the sales process.”

  1. Write killer hooks!
  2. Build up anticipation.
  3. Use site acceleration.

If you’re like me, you probably get one and two, but what’s site acceleration?

Henzel describes it this way:

Site acceleration is a way to make your site load quicker so that you can make the most out of those eight seconds to hook your potential lead.

Let’s say your site gets potential leads from London, Los Angeles, and New York and your server is in New York. On an ordinary site people in Los Angeles and London will have to wait a long time to see your site.

This both increases the likelihood that they’ll click the back button without seeing your landing page, and also makes your site rank lower on Google searches since Google rewards sites that load quickly with higher search rankings.

Check out the complete article.

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