Free Online Video Editor Lumen5

This is pretty cool and I wanted to share it. Make your own video easily with Add in your own text or enter the URL from a blog post and Lumen goes to work creating the storyboard for you. It's your very own online video maker and video editor.

It's easily editable and you can add production music and neat looking pictures ... and the best part -- it's free!

How incredibly cool is that!And this is a productive tool as well. Think of the possibilities for creating quick (or longer) videos for your business or social media channels.

In fact this video was produced with Lumen5. Check 'em out at

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Landing Pages That Convert

A landing page is any page that is opened to a potential customer after clicking the call-to-action link.

The main goal of each dedicated landing page within the marketing campaign is to attract as many customers as possible for them to make a purchase. It can either “warm up” a person to make him move further around the website or serve as an attraction to take leading positions among the competitors.

Landing pages are divided into two basic types:

  1. Lead generation ones: it usually offers potential customers an e-mail address and by communication through it, a person can be converted into a customer.
  2. Click-through page: this page serves as a transmission from the marketing action to the final destination. Used mainly in e-commerce these pages provide all the necessary information about the product and the way to obtain it, and there is always a call-to-action button to complete the process. (This page is actually a "click-through" page, although I’m not selling anything — just providing an information resource.)

Unfortunately, the average conversion rate of ordinary landing pages is about 5%. Only each 20th customer signs in or buys a product after visiting the page.

By making your landing effective you can decrease expenses on acquiring new clients and increase profits and website ranking.

So how do you make an effective landing page?

Read this great tutorial from Socialnomics and you’ll be on your way to a better designed, higher-converting landing page.

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Just Getting Started With Video Marketing?

Online video is huge, it’s growing and people want more video content. So how can marketers get started creating videos that help spread the message of their brands just as effectively as the written word?

HubSpot created a framework to help you answer that question. In this resource article you can figure out where you should focus your efforts when creating your first marketing video, and which type of video to start with.

Before you start filming your first marketing video, you’ll want to determine what the goal of the video will be. Ask yourself a few questions to start narrowing down how to get started on video marketing.

Then after you determine your goals and what resources how have, move on to determine what type of videos to produce. Luckily, this resource article covers the planning part as well as a quick rundown of the different types of marketing videos you can start creating to achieve results anywhere in your marketing funnel.

Read the complete article here > > >

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