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Free E-commerce Video Course on Using Shopify

Online business is growing and it's the place to be if you have any type of enterprise. But how do you sell online?

Shopify is the leader in helping entrepreneurs get started selling online ... and growing their online business. 

We've partnered with Shopify and Ezra Firestone of Smart Marketer to bring you a free 20-video course on e-commerce using Shopify.

If you'd like to watch one or all of the videos, just click here or on the image below to be taken to the welcome video and table of contents for the video series.


Email Marketing Solution

If you're in any type of business you need an email list to be able to keep in contact with customers and prospective clients. You've probably heard of MailChimp and AWeber, but I recommend and use SendReach

SendReach logo

This email marketing solution offers 9 different, slick ways to capture opt-ins directly and add them to your lists, automatically scours the Internet and adds demographic data for you and easily sends your emails based on social data such as age, gender and location.

And the best part...You only pay for the number of subscribers you have -- NOT the number of emails you send out!​

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This is a page of resources, products, services and tools I use and/or recommend. I hope you find something of value and at least one resource you aren’t aware of or one that you can use.*

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